The Book of Romans - Instructor: Overseer Hugh Harmon - Wednesday - 7:00 pm est / 4:00 pm pst

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This course is structured to bring us face-to-face with the wonderful glory of God’s grace as presented in the thesis of the Apostle Paul’s teaching in this epistle to the Roman church. It discusses the grace to unify our churches and to inspire us to reach our world with the message of Christ. The sheer scale and depth of Romans make it challenging to teach but we will go step-by-step through understanding and communicating this life-changing book. In this course we will endeavor to prepare you to not only have a greater grasp of the intent and purpose of the book by giving you suitable tools for understanding the context and interpretation of the book.


Class Participation – 25%

Weekly Reflections – 20%

Research Papers – 30%

Final Exam – 25%



Tuesday, 7:00pm est (4:00 pm pst)-until 8:30 pm est (5:30 pm pst)



Name: Overseer Hugh J. Harmon, M.Lit.Ed, M.A.T., M.Th., EdS


Office Hours: Tuesday’s 6pm – 8pm est

Thursday’s 6pm – 8pm est




-Bible Dictionary (Hard copy or App)

-Computer with internet access

-Notebook with writing instrument



  1. Be prompt to class.
  2. Be prepared to engage in class discussions and activities.
  3. Complete 3 Research Papers (Summary of Romans, Sermon Outline of an overarching theme found in Romans, Essay on Roman Road to Salvation)
  4. Maintain a notebook with notes from class-Notebook review will be part of final grade.
  5. Completion of weekly homework readings and assignments.
  6. No use of cell phones during class session
  7. Keep mics on mute when joining class and be ready to engage when chosen during class discussions.
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