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The heart of a worshipper overflows with expressions of praise and steadfast trust in everyday circumstances. Learning to worship in Spirit and in ...
18 Lectures
The church is the community of all believers for all time. The church is so precious to Jesus that He calls her His “bride” and so very...
4 Lectures
8 Weeks Live Classes
Prayer is a powerful weapon that we have been given as believers, but are we using this weapon as effectively as we could be?  The Word of God...
2 Lectures
8 Weeks Live Classes
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The Virtual Academy embraces the study of many different areas of our Christian lives. Dive in to study topics such as Biblical history, Prophetic orders, and the great commission of the Holy Spirit.

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Chaplains help those experiencing loneliness, aging, a terminal illness, caring for a loved one, or the loss of a loved one.  They help those experiencing feelings of fear, anger, and spiritual abandonment.  They also lend a hand to those unaffiliated with a religious institution.

This course in active listening and caring skills trains Spiritual Care Givers in 11 specific skill sets. Learn in a lab setting through demonstration and live practice. You will be able to offer help with coping with feelings of fear, anger, spiritual abandonment and loss.

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