The Life of an Intercessor 7: How To Defeat Strongholds As An Intercessor “ | Friday 8-9:30pm EST / 5-6:30pm PST

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Prayer is a powerful weapon that we have been given as believers, but are we using this weapon as effectively as we could be?  The Word of God is clear on the importance of prayer.  In this course, we are going to highlight five effective strategies for seeing breakthrough in prayer.   We will look to the Word of God and the promises contained in it to discover how to wield our Kingdom weapons. We will uncover several key promises that we can step into and stand on as we demolish strongholds in our lives and on the earth! You will learn how to increase both your effectiveness and stamina as an intercessor.

  • Strategy #1 – Agreement
  • Strategy #2 – Believe
  • Strategy #3 – Call Out
  • Strategy #4 – Be Confident
  • Strategy #5 – Righteous Prayer

Expectations & Goals                                  

My expectation is simple.  Show up on Fridays with an open mind and heart.  Be committed to what God wants to teach us during our time together as intercessors. 


My goal is for this cohort to learn the following things:

  • what intercessory prayer is  
  • how to do it effectively using dynamic spiritual resources 
  • discern what to pray for
  • how to overcome hinderances to intercessory prayer
  • how to get started and maintain your spiritual stamina 


Course Materials:    

  • Your Personal Bible
  • Rules of Engagement – The Art of Spiritual Prayer and Spiritual Warfare, by Cindy Trimm – $12.99 – $16.85
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